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Hello people,

I have a 1996 Toyota corolla 1.6 L. it has about 140,000 km on it, for the past 6-7 days i hear a swish sound when i turn the a/c on.

Its a very distinctive sound, something like gas or water running in a funny way. The sound only lasts for a min or two and it seems like it is coming from under the dashboard on the passenger side. I couldn’t really tell where exactly it is coming from.

It only happens when i turn the a/c up and doesn’t happen al the time.

I am really concerned about this noise; im not sure if its the a/c gas needs to be replaced, im not sure how often one is supposed to do this?

Am i the only one with the swish sound? Makes me feel like George Costanza from seinfield ….lol.

Please ppl, any feed back on this issue would be very much appreciated.

Thanking you

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ac gas more or less never needs to be replaced. you might be a little low on gas i'm not fully shure on this but more or less your just hearing the ac gas in it liquid state as the compressor starts moving the gas. it should be fine.

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I think that A/C "swish" noise is common...I hear it on my new Corolla as well as other cars (especially those that are quiet running). It starts typically when you've had the system off for awhile (hours/days??) and only lasts for a few seconds when you turn the system on.

Yeah I suspect it's just the coolant just starting to circulate through the system. I believe it's normal.

If you needed coolant, you'd know cuz you're AC would either be crappy or non-existant.
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