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combustion question

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I have 2000 Corolla. It has been working great since I bought it. Until recently when I went to a service station to get 60K mileage service done (which costs me $1k). Soon after that ( within 2 weeks), I start noticing two problems for which I need some light from you expert guys.
1> Engine check light on- I went to the service station again, and he has small laptop size device using which he run some check near driver seat. And he told me that it's combustion problem and that should be replaced (costs ~$500). He mentioned that if I don't get it replaced, car will work fine but mileage will be poor.
Is that right ? He reset the reading but engine check is now continue on.

2> Sometime when I start car, it stops in beginning and then when I try again (1-3 times), it goes well. It's happening more and more frequently now. I noticed a discussion here -- .. is it related ?

Thank you.
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^well, in this case, did they tell you what componant was not working?
and also, its possible that problem number 1 can cause problem number 2.
is your car still under warenty?
number 2 can be either starter, cam position sensor, could be leaky fuel injector.

explain it in detail about number 2, such as if it cranks or makes clunk noise etc etc.

you can go back to the service center and ask this came on after you got the car back? make sure if anything else was disconnected etc etc.
yeah they are probably connected, he checked the OBD 2 fault codes with the laptop and probably you have a messed up O2 sensor, atleast it sounds like it.
Reply to TRDragoon- Thanks for responding. Car is not under warranty as I crossed 60K. #2 problem could be leaky fuel injector as you said since I did notice couple of times some leak but only couple of times in past month. It doesn't make cranks or clunk noise .. but rather quietly it shuts down within few seconds of starting the car. Like I started the car, take out from parking lot and then it stops or It goes little far from parking lot and stops. It only happens near parking lot . .once It's on road ..never see any problem.
I went back to service center but he insisting it's nothing to do what he did ( break service and transmisison service).

Reply to Flashmn : Thank you. I don't know about OBD or O2 sensor. Is there link you have I can read baout it ? The device he had was not really a laptop .. I guess u know what I mean. You said the problems are probably connected. Is there something a person like me who is naive about car can check to find out the real cause and is there something I can fix.

I though took appointment with other service center to get it computerized check on July 5th but before that I want to learn about the problem this time.
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The device he had was not really a laptop .. I guess u know what I mean.
Yeah the OBD 2 reader. They come in different forms, but you'd need the reader to see whats the problem, you should of asked the error code from the guy who checked it. OBD 2 standard is universal, so the code should be the same, you coulda just gotten the info online. The o2 sensor is the one sensor in the exhaust pipe, which analyzes how much oxygen is in the exhaust gasses, then adjusts the mixture via ECU. IF this breaks down, your car can either think its too rich or too lean and then over compensate to that direction.

I seriously doubt that a 2000 yearmodel corolla has a leaky injector, those things arent exactly cheap either. But its just too new to have that kind of problem in my opinion.
if the code the station gave you was "PO171 or PO170 or PO172) it is probably your "Air flow meter" which monitors the ingintion mixture between the air/gas.........i have the same year car and had the same problem as yours.........with labour and part i paid $380.00 at the toyota dealership......problem was solved.......don't take your car to independent dealer shops........they will rip you off by turning of the light and than by stating that if it comes on to come back to run further tests.....ex.....costing you abotu $300 bucks in diagnosis.......go to toyota have them analyze it ......will cost you about 50 bucks cdn. Your problem 1 and 2 are correlated......I had the same signs.........its probably the faulty "air flow meter" causing both.
Go to Autozone or Advance Auto and get them to check it with their computer for free.:D
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