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coming to Canada with the super Camry Aug 7th

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hey everybody, i just found out I will be attending ImportFest ( in Toronto August 7th with our Camry. This will be my first out of country car show and I am VERY excited about coming up there, its like a 8 hour drive or so I believe. I will be up there with several other members from my team. Let me know if any of you can make it and say whats up!

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u should stay for the camry meet then only 5 days!
I will be at Importfest Eddie, so I'll see you there!
i plan on going so will drop bye and say hi....
I usually don't go to importfest because its loaded with civics and I'm sick of looking at the same thing every year. But i'll go for this one to check out your car!
That's awesome man...remember to eat some good chinese food and to visit Pacific Mall because it's a zoo there man.

You know your car is badass when you tow it on a trailer...:thumbup:
I wasn't planning on going to Importfest but knowing that you're gonna be there, I'd be a punk if I didn't stop by to say hi.

Eddie, I'm not sure if you made travel plans or not yet, but if you want a unique and relaxing trip into T.O., hop onto the new Ferry from Rochester...trailer and all :smokin:

btw- don't forget your ID to cross the border. It'd suck to drive to the border only to be denied entry.
Shit I wish I could shake your hands man.

(Will be out of the country.)

It's this coming weekend guys.

I highly suggest you guys go just to check out eddie's car. Get a signed autograph of Amanda too while you're at it. :cool:
I cant wait to go out there fellas, it will be a good time. Amanda wont be making the trip with me unfortunetly. Going to shows without her isnt the same, as she is half the reason I do these events. I believe I am being parked on the field level, I should be next to a Black IS300.

someone bring a camcorder so we can do something for the Toyota Movie.
hey does anyone know the area around the skydome at all I have to park my 4runner and 18' open trailer somewhere, which i am assuming is going to be a bitch, but any insight would help! I am leaving here thursday night at like 10pm so i get there early morning.
There's plenty of parking around there. Both indoor and outdoor. If you think you can manouver tight turns of underground parking lots with the trailer, keep an eye open for "Green P - round green lit signs with a white P"

If the trailer is too big, you can park outdoors. The street just north of the Skydome (Front St) is lined with outdoor parking. Take your pick. Just make sure you can exit and no cars block you.
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alright,i have gone to probably over 90+ shows in my life for the last 6 years, and never have i enjoyed an event more then ImportFest that I attended saturday in Toronto @ the skydome. it was absolutely amazing.

show was 12 hours long, they opened the dome for 2 hours, had a live feed of the show broadcasting on the 20 million dollar jumbotron, and our hotel room was in the middle of the jumbotron overlooking the car show. we also won 3rd place Import Other, out of 500 cars thats not too bad. we were also filmed for a new tv show that is going to air on the WB. the highlight was my nipple was on the jumbotron.

Performance Auto Sound mag (PAS Mag) even made me stay an extra day and called in there photographer to open there studio to shoot our car on a sunday?!?!?

Few Pics

it was cool to meet all you guys, thanks to Phi for letting me crash at his place and for showing me all around the city and helping at the photoshoot!
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Hanging out with Eddie and his boys, the guys at Element and other TN heads at I-fest was a blast.

Getting to finally meet Eddie and seeing his Camry was a pleasure to say the least. Chilling around T.O with you was kewl. The photoshoot was just sweet. All around, the weekend was hot and I couldn't have had a better time :D

Congrats to those that picked up prizes. Correct me if I got the prizes messed up or missed anybody :eek::

Eddie-3rd Best Import Other
Frankie of Element- 3rd Best S2000
Scottie- 3rd Best Celica

Props to Chris for reppin' with his MKIII.

I'll get a few pics up later tonight.

PS- Aldrin, you're a dumbass for falling backwards over the bleachers into a pool of Coke :eek:wned: :rofl: We still love you though :)
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