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This is my findings after a 1 month test comparing these Mats. I will have a list of pluses and minuses followed by my overall summary. I will include how they compare to Premium Carpet Mats too. My Camry is in a Garage when not in use. We get lots of Sun, but not much Rain here in Southern California. First on the list is the OEM Rubber Mats.

Toyota OEM Rubber Mats
1. Cosmetics- The are a dull rubber so not deep black. They look good, just not as good compared to a premium Carpet Mat. You can add some richness to them with protection sprays, but then you have a slippery Mat which isn't a good idea when it comes to safety.
2. Durability- The bottoms have held up, but the sides are collapsing. They are not a rigid construction so that is more than likely why the sides are giving in somewhat.
3. Cleaning- They are very easy to clean. You just need to pull them out of the Car and Hose them off. I immediately use a blower on them to keep them from spotting and gets them dry within minutes. They keep the Carpet underneath clean and protected. I don't have to get my Shop Vac out like I do for Carpet. The Blower I use is the same one that I use to dry off my Camry immediately after washing it.
4. That barefoot feeling- When driving with Sandals on I usually am driving barefoot as I slip the Sandals off. They are fairly comfortable, but not near as comfortable as Premium Carpet.
5. Cost- Mine came with the Camry. I do see that they can now be purchased with a nice discount if you shop around so the price isn't too high now.

OEM Drive Mat 1 Week Dirty Photo

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OEM Cleaned up
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Mat warping
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Lasfit All Weather Mats

1. Cosmetics- They are nice looking Mats. They have a little more darkness to the color compared to the OEM. You can get them darker with a protection spray, but again they will become slippery. The fit and size is very good.
2. Durability- These seem like they will be very durable. I don't expect the sides to warp compared to the OEM due to the fact they are more of a rigid construction.
3. Cleaning- Very easy to clean. I used the same method by using a blower to dry them off immediately after hosing them off. These have deep grooves so I recommend a blower or a brush so there is no water spotting.
4. That barefoot feeling- These feel ok when driving barefoot. Maybe a little more firm feeling compared to the OEM due to their rigid construction. Nothing that actually bothers me while driving.
5. Cost- They have coupon specials on a regular basis. There is not much price difference between the OEM and the Lasfit, but the Lasfit's come with a Lifetime hassle-free warranty. That is a big plus.

Lasfit 1 week dirty
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Lasfit cleaned up
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Lasfit front passenger
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Lasfit rear and hump
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Lasfit out of the box first photo
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Overall I give the Lasfit's more positive points due to the potential durability and Lifetime Warranty. What I like most about them over the OEM is the middle hump protection for rear passengers. If you keep your Car long enough and have rear Seat passengers on a regular basis, they will wear out that hump with the constant friction from their Feet. Neither the OEM or Lasfit will feel as good compared to Premium Carpet on bare Feet, but they will out last the Carpet and much easier to clean. Installation of the Lasfit's was quick and easy.
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