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Well given your not running much power "it may be safe" to run the stocks without blowing them. In the same regard, if you don't mind losing them, then whatever, it doesnt matter.

40 watts isnt really gonna be alot of power to a comp set, but it should sound pretty good, gievn you get some that don't demand alot of power to perform well.

If you tried to run the comps off your H/U I dont htink you would like the results much. They just wouldnt be worth it at that point honestly either. If you stuck the amp on them, it would be much better I would think, even though you don't have much power to go with.

For you I'd almost ocnsider looking for just a little bit stronger amp. You can find one for a pretty good price used of car audio sites online from some very reliable people. The only reason I say that is because most people who have an amp like yours just use it on tweeters or midbass alone, not both.

But given you may not know alot yet about audio, It would be fine to just run the amp to the comps and have a little better sound. Like I said though, if you don't mind the stock breaking, then go for it, but i dont think they will be able to handle much power. Who knows though, they may be able to, they may not, only one way to find out.
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