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Considering a Supra

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Before I say anything I know that this is a very newb question but i would like to get some feed back
Right now a uncle of mine has a 1989 (i think their called mkIII?) turbo supra which he bought from a car auction crazy cheap and hes not sure it runs right but it almost cranked when he tried to and im sure I can get it for cheap from him.
Well my question is how fast are these cars stock(its an auto) and does the auto tranny hold back supras as much as some other cars like my 420A eclipse...also is the boost turned down in stock form like the 4G63T eclipses (im sorry im a DSM guy)...i would appreciate any feedback as to whether i shoudl get this car or not because im sure i can grab it for about $500
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The auto's don't hold as much power as the 5spds, however they can be just as fast. They really don't lose any more power than any other automatic.

The boost is the same amongst all mk3's, and can be easily upped, but there are plenty of power limiting factors in the system.

The cranking issue sounds like a simple cam postition sensor re-wire.
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