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Considering buying 2006 Toyota 4Runner SR5 V8 4WD, 134K miles (been reading these engines have a reputation for high miles). Only looking at the ad so far... waiting for the owner to reply to my 1st message.

Grateful for any advice, opinions, comments on this ad, and especially what I should look for when inspecting & test driving this vehicle. If I buy it (or another 4 Runner), probably drive it locally for about 30 days , then take it on a 1400 mile trip to the Southwest.

2006 4Runner SR5 V8 4WD $7,​900 Silver 134,​240 miles 4.7L V-8 Engine 260 @ 5,​400 rpm Horsepower 306 @ 3,​400 rpm Torque Tow Package This is the second 4Runner I’ve owned and I can’t recommend them highly enough. I’m only selling this 4Runner,​ because I recently bought my third. The powerful V8 engine making towing easy and the 4WD will take you just about anywhere you want. My brother works for Toyota corporate and the attention to detail and rigorous adherence to quality that you hear about with Toyota is real. If you didn’t know,​ the 4Runner is one of the few vehicles that is still made exclusively in the legendary Japanese Toyota plants. I’m selling this for below what Car Gurus,​ KBB and others say it’s worth. Clean and in good condition—and in the spirit of transparency it needs fresh CV joints and a shot of freon. Take advantage of a great deal and do the work yourself. Interior is in great shape. Check out the listings for similar aged 4Runners and you’ll find mileage of 250,​000 and above.

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Confirm that the frame is not rusted, and the 4 wheel drive system operates fully.

Pre-purchase checklist on

The V8 is makes the difference.. :)

Good Luck with Your Search!
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