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convert 94 prizm to 5sp with 95 tercel parts?

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I just got a mint 1994 Geo Prizm for 500$, the only downside is its automatic. However, my neighbor has a 5speed 95 tercel with a blown motor for 50$. Would that transmission, shift linkage, clutch pedal and all those other goodies work? I realy love this car, this will be my second prizm. I drove my first one for 4 years and had tons of fun in it. My new prizm is a very basic model so im swapping over alot of things from my old one such as the gauge cluster (so now i have a tach), stereo, seats, alloy wheels and other things. I already have an intake, header and underdrive pulley. The only thing that will make this car complete will be the 5speed transmission. Thanks everyone!!
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doubt it as the motors are diff.
sorry for the thread hijack.

can you put the gauge cluster that has the tach into a basic corolla with no tach.?
As for the tach question yes it just plugs in no problems.

As for the manual conversion, the gearbox will not bolt to your engine, E series and A series are different. although the gearboxes are the same the bellhousings are different. Clutch lines, pedals and shifter linkages will also differ.
wow that was weird it said i posted "your idea is gay" even tho i didnt post it.

Oh ok, yeh i knew the transmission itself was the same but it was everything else i was wondering.

About the tach cluster and what not. Everything plugs right in, what i did was i took apart both gauge clusters and simply took out the speedo/odometer from the non tachometer cluster and swapped it into the other one. That way i didnt have to drive around with an odometer that said 150k when the car only has 107k on it. If you dont mind having the odometer say more or less then you have dont bother taking it apart and just swap the whole assembly over, it plugs right in and everything works perfectly.

I guess im going to pickup a 5sp geo prizm I found even tho ill be paying 300$ not 50$ thats still not bad.
Tercel parts = no go, don't waste your money and just find parts from other Corollas.
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