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Coolant color

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Well i was looking at my wifes car tonight and noticed the coolant color was brownish. Is this most likely oil getting into the coolant? Would this indicate a head gasket problem? :confused:

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How old is the coolant and what year is the car? Is it the original coolant?

Many Toyotas came with red coolant - the newer ones have pink coolant.
2003 Corolla, Don't know how old the coolent is, was thinking about flushing it.
2003 came with Red coolant, it shouldn't look brown, but may just be old. How many miles since it was last changed?

Thanks for the quick reply. Donno when coolant was last changed, it has about 40000-50000 I'd have to look, It was the wifes car. Her and her dad bought it while I was overseas. It didn't look milky like there was oil in it, just brown, and it was really low on coolant, so I'm hoping that is the case. I added coolant (Just the 50/50 yellow mix at advanced auto parts thats good for all types) now it is an orangish brown and might flush it later. But I will check for any color change from that.
You didn't add Dex-Cool did you? It's also possible someone at some point topped it up with green coolant, it ends up looking kind of brownish.

In any case, I would get it flushed and refilled with Toyota red coolant.
No I didn't add dex-cool, but that makes sense now, I'm guessing it had one and someone added the other. I'll get it flushed sometime next week, Thanks for the help.
Don't mix them.. it's not good. :yikes:

Get it flushed and you either have two choices.. A. back to the green stuff, or B. stick with the red Toyota stuff. :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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