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I have a 92 Camry SE with 190,000 Miles.

2 weeks ago I went to Quicky Lube and had them change my anti-freeze.

5 days after I noticed small puddles of coolant on the passenger side.

I went back there, and they said it was left over coolant that they didnt rinse out.

I thought I was all done but I am still seeing some coolant dripping after I stop the car.

I was told it could be my water pump going out but it was replaced along with my timing belt at 185,000 miles.

I also noticed on a cold start (between 0F and 20 F)I hear some type of knocking, clunking sound that last for 1 second or 2 and then it goes away.

Do you guys think my water pump is going back? If so, I am very unlucky as I spent 500$ to get it done last summer.

Please let me know what you think.

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since the leak started about when the coolent change was done, i would look into that. are you able to crawl under your car and see exactly where the leak is coming from? the shop may not have put the hose back on securly, or a hose could be going bad and about to split.

the knocking sound is 'normal' on initial start-up because the oil has to get pumping around the motor, thinner oil during the winter can probably relieve this. mine does it too, but i still use 10w30 year round.
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