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coolant reservoir

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Hello, i once again have another problem, i always have had this problem with my reservior for my coolant. It is always empty after i put some coolant into it. The gauge in the car always stays in the middle so i am not experiencing overheating. I just changed the water pump when i did my timing belt. I recently changed my radiator and the upper hose. I have noticed this event for about a year now, never bothered to figure out why because my gauge says i am not overheating. I was wondering if this was normal and if not where can the leak be. i searched the forums and found someone with the same problem, but there was not a solution that he found. Was wondering if anyone else had any ideas. Thanks in advance
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I have the same problem ... but when i put coolan in it, when the outside temperature is hot, the coolan "jump" the FULL line ... after, the level down again in front of the LOW level ... i don't know what is the "source" of this coolan problem and if is a problem ....

i always put in extra coolant+water mix when i do my diy flush. i know the 5s engine is notorious for developing airpockets, and then sudden VOOSH (sucking of the resivor). But if your always filling it over the full line (only to come back and discover its all gone). I'd recheck all lines and ensure that norhing is leaking under the car!
The best way to find out if there is a leak is to have the system pressure checked. Most radiator/service shops will do this for free. To be on the safe side, keep an eye on your engine oil. If there are any signs of sludge on your dipstick don't drive it. Either your head gasket is gone or the block/ head may be cracked/ warped.
good luck
preasure tests usually blow out your radiator i wouldn't recomend doing that. my 1mz seems to loose fluids every now and then but my engine runs great so don't worry about it too much.
i had the same prob on my 3vz. replace all the clamps on your coolant hoses with new ones and tighten them up real good. also, check your lower radiator hose and tighten the clamps on that, this was where i was was leaking. also make sure the cap on your reservoir is tight enough.

your radiator caps may also be bad. check them and make sure the rubber still looks fresh and not cracked. also note any rust deposits on them. generally, if they look old and crusty, look into replacing them.

btw, what year camry do you drive?

if you had the water pump done at a shop, try taking it back if all else fails. maybe you can convince them that it was their fault :)
the year camry i drive is a 1992 V6 LE. I did all the work on the car myself, so i am pretty much at fault if something went wrong. but the car drives fine, maybe i just need to keep refilling, i read in the manual that it takes 8 quarts of coolant, so i think i put about 5 already, maybe i still need to keep filling it...i never seen any leaks, and the coolant does not look like there is oil mixed i guess i will just keep filling it up. Thanks for everyone's help
take out your reservoir and dunk it upside down in a tub of water, see if its leaking... its either that or you're burning coolant, how long does it take to empty? how often do you fill it up?
I have some coolant that leaks out on to the front of the motor every now and then. Not much at all, just like a little dab. I can't see where the source of it is though. It sits on the front though. Wierd, engine runs great. Oh well I'll replace it all anyway one day.

Though if you have any idea where it is coming from, reply :)
ya know...
I just experienced a similar problem.

I would fill my res to full. I would drive around and when I popped my hood in the morning, it would be empty. Air Pocket.

1. Make sure you have the right amount off coolant mixed (50/50% is okay rule). Make sure it's the right coolant.

2. Drive around for a few minutes with your heater set to full on to clear any air pockets. Fill res before doing or you will suck more air into passages compounding your woes.

3. Check your caps for leakage. Eyeball for cracks in the rubber.
i have the same prob with my new camry evener since i had the dealer change the fluid
what i do when the engine is cold i just start her up with the radiator cap off and keep pouring in fluid with the raidator set to max. since the engine is still cold i dont worry much and it gets most of the air bubbles out. also i have a crack at the top of my resivor and it doesnt bother me i just cant keep it full with it sloshing out.
I have a 92 Camry LE with the same problem.. However, my engine temp shot up to the red zone... I put some anti-freeze in it and started to cool down but shot up again.. Kept the RPM at 2k and managed to drive into work.
Checked in the evening and saw that resovoir was down from the max (top to the cap) to the Full level. Had no trouble driving home though - temp needle stayed below the half mark.
Checked it today, and the damn thing is empty.... I know there is a leak b/c I do see a dab... Am putting in more coolant tomorrow...

Is there such a thing as a coolant sealant?
preasure tests usually blow out your radiator i wouldn't recomend doing that
The radiator operates at a much higher pressure than testing (max 30lbs). If it blows now, be thankful it did it in the shop and not on some dark lonely road.

Is there such a thing as a coolant sealant?
There is, but I wouldn't recommend it if you plan on keeping that car for any length of time. It may block the leak, but may also clog small ports in the engine as well as the rest of the radiator core and damage the pump. A good used or repaired rad is a lot cheaper and easier than an engine swap.

Would you eat a tub of lard to stop a paper cut from bleeding?

i have a radiator leak somewhere...i change my coolant and in a day or two its empty. engine still runs fine and it never overheats. I've noticed usually immediately after i shut my car off i see the leak piling up for a minute or two...but i dont know where its leaking from. one person said to check the clamps. any other ideas for places where leaks are common? its a 94 LE
^ Rent (some autoparts stores rent them out), borrow, or buy a cooling system pressure tester.

Its like a bicycle pump with a hose, pressure guage, and a cap attached to it. You remove the stock radiator cap and screw on the cap from the tester (the tester comes with a bunch of different size caps, so one of them should fit).

Lets say your radiator cap is made to hold 14 psi. You pressurize the system (using the tester) to 14 psi and look for any leaks.

You'll either see the leaks or if you wait 10 - 15 mins the pressure reading on the guage will go down (means theres a leak somewhere).
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