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Hi Guys,

I own a 2001 Toyota Solara, and a friend of mine was working on my car today. He told me that the coolant resevoir was empty, so he went ahead and filled it up. I checked to see what antifreeze he put in and its a brownish color.. I know that there was a pink colored fluid in there previousley. I just need to know if this is a problem, and if so what I should do about it. I appreciate you guyz helping me out (if you cant tell I know nothing about cars so I'm really nervous I just screwed up my engine)
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I have never seen brown coolant before. You sure it wasnt some other fluid he put in? That is a color you DO NOT want to see in your coolant (i.e. rust).

I know green coolant is a bad thing for our cars. You should only use toyota red or pink. Prestone orange is usable as well. Find out what he used. If you didnt start the car yet, you can probably siphon it out.

If my reservior is running low, I just top it off with water.
I found out today that it's made by Prestone and its a green fuid (i guess it just mxed w/ the pink and made it brown ) I called 5 Toyota Dealerships for opions and 2 said that since the antifreeze's are mixed they will turn into a gel, and the other 3 said it's fine. They said that all antifreezes are basiaclly thes ame Toyota just has additives and lubricants that are recommened for you vehice. They said Toyota just dies theirs pink to make it their own. I think I may get the system flushed this weekend, I cant get a staright anwser!! Any opionins are much appreciated!!
Get the green outta there. Drain it, flush it, fill it with toyota red or pink.
Flush that garbage out ASAP. Brown is not a good color. Period. I almost made the same mistake when some crack head at the parts store sold me some green coolant when i told him specifically i'd need the red/pink stuff. Never ever ever mix the colors.

FYI: I bought a gallon of pink/red direct from the stealership for like $25. I found some online for around $20-22 but after shipping it came out to the same price.

Good luck!
Wow. Thanks for the link! Very much appreciated. :thumbup: Hopefully it'll be of use to other people who were in the same situation as i was a couple months ago.
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