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Corolla 7th/8th Gen Parts | 20v Head | +other stuff

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Corolla Stuff FS: 20V, Rear K-Sports, Lip... TAKE IT AWAY

Edit: Prices do not include shipping. Sold items deleted.

$100 - K-sport coilovers (Rear Only)

$100 - 2 Advanti Racing Wheels (4x100/15") No tires.

$200 - 4age 20v Silvertop Head w/ headers (no itbs/plenum)

$100 - 4age 20v Blacktop Pistons

$100 - 7afe Metal Headgasket

$40 - Greddy style lip (7th gen)

$40 - 2 Steelies (4x100/14") w/ Goodyear Allegra tires (185/60/R14) (40% tread)

free - Trunk trim panel in Flat Black (7th gen)

free - 1996-1997 Grille (Blue colour)

advanti wheels / greddy style lip

Located in Brampton, Ontario

Call/text 226-972-0713
[email protected]

I don't like PMs.
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damn, that did insurance write off your car after that accident?
Yea King they did, took most everything with it this is all the stuff i have laying around.

Squeaks, no i don't
ah crap that sucks
Couldn't you buy the car back from insurance?
Crap! I didn't know... that sucks.

GLWS, hopefully you find another nice AE101.
Thanks ren. Bump.
I was hoping you have the center console :sosad:
Bump!!! I'm ready to throw this stuff out!
you can throw some of it my direction ;)
you still have the rear coilovers?


Thanks you for selling your tokico struts and Tein Springs!
corners and signals

Are the corners and signals clear like in your pic or the OE ones ??
do you still have the greddy style front lip? does the price include shipping as well?

@kickfli12 no with shipping its around $220
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