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Corolla 95 - Startup Engine Noise

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Hello Folks,

I have Corolla 95. The odometer reads 192K. The car runs great, however it is starting to burn about a 1L of oil every 5000 Kms.

This morning the car made a very ugly noise at startup after 4 days of not running. It was kind of a metallic noise. After two or three seconds the engine continued to run normal. After this I measured the oil level and it needed 500 cc to get to the "Full" mark.

Can someone please tell me if I should be running to the dealer to have the car inspected?

I will be taking it in at 200K anyway to get it tuned. I need to know if I am hurting my car by using it.


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Not sure whats making that noise. Is the oil leaking from under the car?

Maybe other people could help you more. My suggestion would be to do your 200k service now.
any blue smoke coming out of your tail pipe? that would signal a gasket problem
yea if theres anything different about the exhaust gases, it could mean oil in your engine. best solution would be to let a pro check it out.
Hello Folks. Me again.

There is no smoke coming out of the tail pipe and there are not oil drips under the car.

Yesterday I went to the dealer and I was asked the same questions: no smoke.

The dealer told me to check the oil level every 2500 Kms and to add the 500cc that it needs. It is normal for a car of that age and milage to burn a liter every 5000 Kms.

The noise has not been back and the oil level is back to the full mark. I was told that the top of the engine might have been a little dry due to the missing oil and this was the reason for the initial noise and that after then oil reached that part (1 or 2 seconds later) the noise was gone.

"Keep your eye on it!", he said. I sure will!


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No - Its not normal, but unfortunately it is a fault with the '95s... Nothing much you can do except a rebuild.
The dealer told me to check the oil level every 2500 Kms and to add the 500cc that it needs. It is normal for a car of that age and milage to burn a liter every 5000 Kms.
Well the whole oil capacity is 3.8liters, not really that much to run with 500cc's less oil, thats why theres the dipstick, to see if you still have allowance
it maybe be a failing oil pump in your engine.....or clogged if you used that stuff to clean your engine of sludge......the sludge was cleaned off and went down to the pan....but than when you ran the car it wasn't all picked up and some clogged your oil pump.....or just a faulty oil pump is not pupping oil as it suppose your check oil light on?
Hello group!

Just wanted to let you know: The engine has not made the same noise again. I keep my eye on the oil level all the time now.

When I talked to the Toyota fellow he told me that the level of oil shall never be above the full mark.

So now you know: Keep your eye on the oil level of the '95. Add oil to the full mark but never above the mark. The amount of oil required to go from the "L"ow mark of the deep stick to the "F"ull mark of the stick is 1 litre. So estimate the amount that your car needs so you do not go over the full mark.

Great forum!

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