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Corolla Air Conditioner Smell

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I noticed that when I turn on my Air Conditioner, a funny smell emits and then it goes away after a while. It doesn't smell too good at all...

Any idea what the easy fix is for my '01 LE

thank you
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It can be a rat or cat...or some animal of some sort that went all up in there. Clean that mofo out.
check the area where the air goes into the car. (just under the windshield wipers area)
i had a personal experience where racoons took a crap on there, and i've been smeeling the crap for a few days whenever the air intake from outside is on. finally i realized there was raccoon crap stuck there.
Lol..:lol:.that's some funny shit. a raccoon shit in your vents..Sorry bout the smell man.
If it smells like a dirty-ol sock then that's mold and yea it's normal. Happens when moisture collects around the A/C condensor. I can't remember how to prevent it (something about opening or closing the vents prior to turning off the vehicle...or something.)

I believe your dealer should have a spray where you turn the fans on full, open the windows and then spray this stuff into the airvents. I've also heard that Lysol spray works too...but I'm not 100% certain about the impact of having that crap throughout your car. Check with the dealer...I know they have a DIY spray.
u can also find the spray he's talking about at a pep boys or similar store. it's pretty cheap, so maybe worth a try.
Well i had been told that it is because of the Moisture and Dirt collected at the vents, filters... Blablabla...
So my frens suggest that you have to clean your Air-cond duct or filter at least once a year or the worst case is once in 2 years...

I also encounter this problem... after i send it to service for cleaning... then the smell is GONE...
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