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Corolla Crash

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my girlfriends mum's rolla got written off last monday when a guy in a 4wd with a bullbar ran through a giveway sign and into her drivers side front guard. its wasnt a great rolla 2 start off with but it was still a rolla.:mad:
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^ is she alright!? i hope its a drunk driver!!!! cuz there no excuse to ram a rolla while Sober!!!!:mad:
that sucks dude :disappoin Hope she's alright. btw: a rolla is still a rolla: good, bad or ugly.
She is ok, it was a red 85 model hatch with a little rust, poped out of 5th gear, inside needed a little attention. She took her 2 dogs to the beach every day in it. she was thinking of giving it to me as a project car.......but not any more.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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