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I let a friend drive my car the other day, what was i thinking lol. its an older corolla 93 and it i think something came loose on the exhaust manifold or somewhere near the bottom of the engine, (ie engine mount or tranny mount).

the car starts a little loud but idles fine, soon as i put gas on it the engine sounds very loud but only from inside the cabin, i popped the hood and could'nt really hear the loud noise it makes behind the wheel. its pretty much like the noise and vibration it makes when your driving a standard car and are in too low of an rpm for the gear. However it does this in neutral when i bring the rpm from 1200-2000, the noisiest being right at 1500 rpm. than literally goes away after 2000rpm. it does this when im also driving it in gear. the car seems to have the right power it did before this problem, maybe a little less, im too scared to drive it fast, i don't know if its serious or not. I dont have the money to fix it right away, can i still drive it like this? and does anyone know what it could possibly be?

- i also noticed a pinging from the exhaust before this happend and can notice it still. thats why i was thinking exhaust problem.
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