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Corolla Headlights

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I recently purchased replacement head lights for my 1999 Corolla. I can easily install them myself. My question is: what is involved with aligning the new head lights? Is this a difficult process?



New Haven

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There are 2 knobs that need to be turned with a long screwdriver. These adjust the vertical and horizontal alignments.
I know of the alignment screws. How do I properly align the headlights?

Find a flat surface with a wall. Arrange the car perpendicular 1-2 feet or closer from the wall. Make sure it's as perpendicular as you can get it. Turn the headlights on. Mark the hot spots from the headlights on the wall with tape. Back straight up around 5-6 feet or so and note the location of the new hot spots compared to the taped sections. Align the beams until they match. Turn the high beams on and make sure they are even. You can double check it by backing up another 5 feet to see if they are accurate from a farther distance. Done.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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