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Corolla Newbie

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Hey how is it going, I am new to the Corolla land. I have a 97 Corolla. I am looking to do some suspension work. I need some rear struts to begin with, mine are currently shot completly. I was wondering what type of coilovers are available for the Corolla?

I have checked the a couple of sites like Tein, Eibach, K-Sport etc. for some coils but have yet to find a company that makes some. Hopefully some one can shed some light on to a good coilover set-up
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Eibach makes springs. I think D2 makes coilovers. Theres a couple more out there. There was a thread about it awhile back.
Tein and K-Sport both make coilovers for the 7th gen.
What about coilovers off another Toyota? Does the 7th Gen share similar suspension to any other corolla? I know in Honda's the 92-95 Civic and 94-01 integra and even the 96-00 with some modification. Is there anything like this for the Corolla? Would 98 suspension work?
All suspension parts are interchangeable from 1993-2002.
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So I can get any lower springs from 1993-2002 and same with coilovers? I noticed alot of companies list suspension set-ups for 1998-2002 so that would be sweet.
Sweet thanks for the replies :)
The Eibach Pro-Kit springs were a straight copy of the TRD part but have been discontinued for a while. For a listing of shocks and reviews, . Stay away from the Konis unless you have original struts in the rear. For a listing of coilovers and reviews, .

I have a set of Eibachs and will have a report on those with the Tokico Blues tomorrow. Technically speaking the only difference from 85-92 versus 93-02 is the width of the spring seats as long as you're talking about the sedan and not the hatch (shorter stroke, I believe), and there may be some minor differences in fitment if you try to put a 98-02 suspension part on a 93-97 car just because the front subframe changed a bit. (See my writeup of the Hotchkis 98-02 swaybars onto a 7th gen).
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