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Corolla O2 Sensor Replacment part.

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Hello again all!

I think I've narrowed down the cause of my sudden loss of fuel economy, I belevie it's related to my O2 Sensor even though it's not throwing a code yet. I came across a popular mechanics article that said O2 sensors have a 100,000 mile life expectancy,.. well,.. mine is about to clock over 200,000 miles. I've also been reading that when they start to wear out they get lazy and slow to respond,.. though the computer doesn't call them bad yet, it will have a big effect on fuel economy.

That's enough reason for me to try replacing it,.. I found a sensor in stock at AutoZone for $107 - this is the best price I've found yet.

Should I go for this one? Or is it worth the extra money and hassle to get the dealer part?

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BTW - Autozone sells Bosch O2 sensors.

I would recommend that you stick with Denso or NGK O2 sensors.
Hmm...well i believe i should change my O2 sensor too but wait...what sensor did u guys mean...the upstream one or the downstream one on the cat????
Besides i'm only at 94k miles only and yes almost 100k so i should change.
If your fuel millage is still in the 30 to 34 range, and your not throwing any codes I'd leave it personally. These things are not cheap ;) I was talking about the one before the Cat, it's monitored to control fuel mixture, the one after the cat really just reports to the smog control place weather or not your cat is working.

I'm trying to contact CarQuest now,.. but apparently they don't beleive in answering machines telling people what their hours are (sigh). They carry Denso brand sensors.

Denso o2 sensors are ultra-cheap on I got mine for under $70 and free shipping.
That's cool - but I really want to get one at a local shop, so I know I have that support - plus this is something I needed to deal with today as this vehicle is my daily driver - most especially since my jeep is up on jack stands waiting for my gears to come in.

CarQuest ended up being a fail. They are not open on Sundays,.. I know. I couldn't beleive it either. And dealer parts departments are never open on Sundays, So! I got the Bosch O2 sensor. I understand that they are likely to have a shorter life, but I'm willing to pay that price to get this handled and not further risk plugging up my cat.

I seem to have gained a little bit of power :) I'm hoping that's a good sign - I'll report back with weather or not my gas mileage jumped up. I just filled the tank.

Alright!!! I took it for an 80 mile freeway test drive, around 75 MPH with the AC on, and I jumped from 24 Miles per Gallon, back up to 36! Sweet!!! Now that's what I'm used to :)

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