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I am driving 2004 Corolla.

Where to Buy following items? I live in Conro, TX USA

1.Corolla Seat Covers (Front & Back), way to install them.
2.Item Holders (looking for holder, which will be on backside of front-seats, to keep some items). Is this comes along with Seat covers?
3.Car Decoration items (inside & outside)
4.I have small toys, which I want to stick to Dash Board, I tried with normal glue, but didn't work. Is there any other easist way to stick them? (not permanent , I should be able to stick them on dash board and remove them whenever I want without creating any marks or damaging dash board)
5.I had a state inspection recently, I got new sticker. When I remove my old sticker, some marks still exists on front glass(wind shield), how to clear them?


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Hey netpicker9,

Removing stickers from the windshield is a fairly simple process.

1st: Protect the Dash area under the sticker. (Towel)
2nd: Start out with some type of lighter fluid. (Rub..Rub)
3rd: If that does not work by itself try a scraper. (Be easy with it!!)
4th: After that wipe the area again with lighter fluid.
5th: Finish Up with a good Glass Cleaner.

Let me know how it goes!!:thumbup:

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Covering Up the Seats

Hey netpicker9, you cover your seats, the seat air bags will have trouble deploying in an emergency....:lol:

I find the best places to get neat little dress-up kits are at:

Big Lots
Advance Auto Parts
Pep Boys
Wal-Mart (Yes I mention Wal-Mart) :eek:

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Goo Gone for removing old stickers is what I recommend -- it's non-volatile and won't discolor anything I've run across yet. It's the safest thing I've used on any surface, and you can buy a little bottle at just about any hardware, drug or grocery store.

If the sticker is gone but the residue remains, you can use a small piece of terry rag to wipe away the sticky goo; if you have sticker backing remaining, allowing the Goo Gone a few minutes to seep under the edge will help.

Wipe with a little glass cleaner to remove the slickness from the Goo Gone.

Lighter fluid evaporates pretty quickly and could discolor or damage adjacent trim, so be careful.
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