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Corolla swap

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hey guys i got a 1997 toyota corolla dx, the 1.8 engine, and i wanna know what i can swap it with, like what engine??? as you know its freaken slow and i want a engine swap, does anybody know what will fit, one of my friends said a sr20 but i dont thin it would fit, oh and its auto so ya just let me know
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Holy shit.. :lol: the Million dollar question pops up again!

Any A-series motor will do the job
16V 4AGE (bigport or smallport)
20V 4AGE (Silvertop or blacktop)
16V 4AGZE (Supercharged, 3 versions to chose from)

Or if you're rich, you can go with a 3SGTE swap from a Celica All-Trac or an MR2 Turbo. :)
also, 4EFTE, 2ETE, 3EE, 5SFE, from the starlet. :)

a Beams 3SGE would be a wicked swap!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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