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$$? corrolla 90-92?

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how much would a 90-92 on average cost you?
does the gts model come with 130hp? how much hp does the lowest model come with? 105hp?
engine code is 4age rite?
any other comment/concerns i should be aware of?

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The AE92 model, right? Having had a GT-S coupe in the family, they're pretty solid.

The price you pay will dependon the condition that the car is in... it'll be very dependent on rust. It's very VERY rare for me to see an older Corolla running around without some rust on the quarter panel where it meets the bumper... our car did.

The GT-S turns 3000rpm at 100km/h (60mph) in 5th, so I'm warning you now if you want to do a lot of highway driving. 170km/h at 5000rpm was fucking nuts... you're not going all *that* fast and yet your engine is spinning that high. It had the 4A-GE.
for 91 they made the corollas bigger and heavier, i'd stick with 5th or 6th gen
Should've asked this in the "COROLLA" forum that way you get actual Corolla owners answering the question. :lol:
1993, actually.
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