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Corvette C6 (new one) - what do you think?

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I am sure this has been posted, but not for a very long while.

What do you think about the new Corvette C6?

Even if you don't like Chevy, what is your take?

I do not loke Ford, but I am excited about the new Mustang, as it looks like it will be amazing.

As for the Vette, I love the current C5's, and I am excited to see what the C6 will have on offer. Considering the base model is as good as or better than the current Z06 (no small feat!), and the eventual Z06-equivalent should be a 500 HP Viper killer, I am fairly excited.

I am indifferent to the external styling, it's not great, but its not bad, and thats fine with me. The interior looks to be very nice. You have to love the no BS tach and 200 MPH speedo. The interior quality is supposed to be new Accord quality (if you have sat in one, that is a VERY GOOD thing, and about damn time on an American car!)

Not to mention the fact that $50k is not unaffordable to someone who is making modest money and is into cars :)

What do you think?
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I have seen a couple on the street and they look very nice IMO. Corvettes have always been [email protected] sports cars that can compete with the worlds best at a fraction of the cost. I personally would opt for soemthing else but Ia m sure it will be a runaway success like every generation before it. The new Z06 whe it comes out should just be downright MEAN!
i love the new look....360ish headlites....slap in a twin turbo kit and that thing would be a killer on the streets....i'd actually consider owning one in the the re-vamped styling...
I like the look... but I can't stand vettes. They are like driving a cadillac!!! They are HUGE! Drive one and you will understand.... thats what I was driving a lot of the time when my 2 was in the shop. Thing has a shitload of torque.... but it's just a beast.
Vette's are awesome. I've been leaving the Camry at home this summer and I'm driving the Vette' everyday. I'm more of a torque fan than anything; I like that pulling feeling.

But I drive the Camry when I make a longer trip or I want air conditioning.:(
I don't care about vettes...

Gimme a Viper!!! :cool: :D
I love the new corvette, would never own one though, too much money in cost and gas. But is it just me, or does it bare some resemblance to the third generation RX-7? it has some of the same lines, just Chevy expressed them more boldly.
They finally got rid of those stupid pop-up headlights:thumbup:
needs all-wheel drive


I know you must love my drawing skills:lol:
But see resemblance? My brother told me he read somewhere that chevy actually looked at the RX-7 and took it into consideration while designing the C6...
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Viper vs Corvettes.


Viper: Stock 500 HP, V12 6-speed, convertible ready

Corvette: 400 HP, V8, 6-speed, HID lights, no convertible yet starting under $45,000


Viper: Engine heats up too fast, so fast, it heats up the cockpit and hot enough to pop popcorn, no kidding. Starting is $85,000

Corvette: hmmmm, no 6-speed or 5-speed auto, need to wait a year for the Z06. :mad:

Now the new vettes doesn't look like a old man's car anymore. Now I can probably drive that beast without worry being bald or not.
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^ Someone fix that guys IMG tags.

EDIT: Thanks!
Vette bad on gas? I wouldn't say so. Reminded me of some guy who I talked to a few months ago:

He says, "I brought my Cavalier to the dealership for some service and checked out the Vette's. I don't like them; they suck too much gas and I get 30 miles to the gallon."

I say, "Yeah, he gets 19 city and 20 highway to the gallon; and he has 405 horsepower."

Shut him up pretty well.:lol:
I was disappointed in the design. The rear end has too much going on, and is too mis-shaped. (if you've seen it up close)

And the front is too much of a rip off of the Viper. With the head lights and all. The power change is minimal.

And for the same price as a new Z06, you could have a new Mustang Cobra putting down 700hp plus. Or even a Gen3 Camry putting down 700hp:)

Not worth the money.
the vetts alway had a problem with space and room on the interior you sacrifice alot just to have one i know better ways of spending my money to get off

ie that bunny ranch:thumbup: :lol:
^ I saw one at the LA Auto show... it was pretty nice. They are straying away from their original design... which is kinda cool. But really... they are just copying everyone else...

To name a few....

MKII Supra - Square, popup style lights
MKIII Supra - More Round, Still popup style lights
MKIV Supra - Very Round, lost the popup lights

NSX 91 - 2002 (?) - Kinda squareish, popup style lights
NSX 2002 + - Still kinda squareish, lost the popup lights

Ferrari did the same thing.... Ferrari Test was popup lights... now all the Ferrari's (360, 575 and Enzo) are all standard lights.

Oh wait... just thought of another toyota....

MKI MR2 - Square, popup style lights
MKII MR2 - Round, popup style lights
MKIII MRS - Very round, non-popup lights.

See the flow ??
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^That's called styling trends...

Pop-up headlights are old school.
^ Ya... and Chevy is just now realizing this?? Only 16 Years behind toyota.
As a Corvette owner or more specifically a C3 owner I will say its an improvement... I wasn't super impressed, its still kinda bland. The body is nice, its getting back some of those famous C2/C3 "Stingray" curves. ...and its about time they got rid of the sealed beam head lamps, tho I did like the pop-ups.
I dunno, I still haven't seen one in person...

btw the corvette is more about tradition than current styling trends.
I still think the stingrays were the best. Besides the numbers it's putting out... I like the 1999 - 2004 (or whatever the years where) better. I am a fan of the popup head lights depending on what they are on. I think the MKIV Supra looks nice... but the MKIII Mr2 was kinda a failure.
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