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could cai cause rough starts?

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ive been having some rough starts, and they started around the time i put in a cai. i ran the idea by my dad and he said it could be because since the new intake allows a lot more air, the a/f mixture could be lean, causing it to come close to stalling when trying to start. i thought this was a valid idea and wanted to ask you guys. or should i be worried about something else going bad?
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Nope, the intake won't effect your start. The engine will only suck in as much air as it needs. So it should still run at the same.

Can you describe the start?
Yep, I'm with Smoky on that. More likely would be some error in the installation, such as a vacuum line leaking, or loose fitting somewhere or the like.
^i dont know about that after my short ram and exoust i had rouph starts but all i do is tern the key on give it one pump on the gas and then tern it on, works every time
you pump the gas before the engine is on? or right when you turn the key/turn the engine on
just before i tern the key to start
does that put fuel into the cylinders?what does that do
uh oh.... sometimes i sit and play with the gas pedal if the car is off just kinda pretending im flooring it or sumtin. does the key have to be in the ignition for fuel to enter the cylinder? or am i doing my engine damage when i play with teh gas pedal?
you have to have the key on for the fuel pump to work it isnt like you dads old ford(just a saying)you dont pump the fuel you just add more fuel at start. if the key is off i dont think anything will happen,maybe someone can corect me on that?i have never cheaked.
Unless you are carbureted, pumping with the engine not running does exactly nothing. The injectors don't do diddly unless the engine is turning over.
i think she has a 1mz and that is injected
warlock said:
i think she has a 1mz and that is injected
im a guy.....:lol:
sorry dude my bad:rolleyes: the tess at the end of the name thru me off
nope, just installed it in april
I can say that installing my CAI has not affected my starts.
hmmm i think the problem was my spark plugs. i replaced them today and the startups are silky smooth now :thumbup:
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