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couple of questions from Gen 3 UK owner with pics

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Hi guys

i own on of these 1995 Gen 3 beauties and have a couple of questions. I was thinking of fitting a 3rd break light in the rear with a sticker over the lens so when illuminated the word CAMRY shows up however i noticed that some of the USA camrys have a factory 3rd brake light fitted - if this is true is there a website i can buy one from? plz advise. If not i shall have to go with oem product.

Also i was thinking of fitting one of those seat heat pads which gives you heated seats but in order to fit it you have to remove the leather on the seats - question is has somebody removed the leather from the seats - if yes how easy was - is it removable at all??

many thanks in advance and all the best for the new year



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Damn thats a very nice Camry you got there. Yea getting the third brake light shouldn't be hard, since all NA Camrys came w/ 'em.

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Hi miq. For the 1st question, the 3rd brake lights are EASY to get, But I;m not sure thay you have the mounting spot welded in, as we do in the US. Let me know if you want a picture of the US one, and I'll take one right away.

For the second question. It;s not just as simple as putting in the heating pad. there is a decent amount of wiring for it. But, if you plan to do it, you may be better off getting seats with them already in. If you ever had the Lexus ES300/Toyota Windom there, the seats are the same as the Camry, bolt right in place, and likely had heated seats as an option as we did here in the US. I also have the wiring diamgram for them if you need it.

Let me know. :)
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