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couple of questions

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I have a few questions about my 06 Ltd.

The first question is on the rear heater, is it an electric heater seprate from the HL's regular heating system. just wondering if it was more of an instant heat or does the HL engine have to be warm before it produces heat?

The second question is on wiring. My HL did not come with the AC or the A/V plugs that are located in the back of the center console if you purchase the HL with rear seat dvd. I wanted to know if the wiring is actually there but not connected incase i decide to add some type of rear seat entertainment, i understand i would have to add the jacks and plugs ect.

The last question is on leather seats. I have factory cloth but we may add leather and i wanted to know if any one has tried to install the leather kits that are sold such as katzkin or classic soft. i have installed many car stereo's so i know interior but never really stripped or added material to seats.

any help is greatly appreciated.