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I'm hoping to buy a used 2016 Prius 2, but most of the ones I've looked at have that whitish plastic at the base of the shifter (is that area called the "bezel?". Is there a way for me to install what I've heard is a black applique to cover that plastic, at least around the shifter?

And if so, what part would I ask for from Toyota?

NOTE: I'm not a very mechanically handy person.

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It's called a "Shifter Bezel Applique".
If the plastic on the center console/cup holders is white there is also a "Console Applique".
Assuming a genuine Toyota applique ...
The new applique just gets applied over the old one. You don't remove the existing one.
It has double stick tape strips already in position on the replacement.
You remove two small sections of the tape protectors and carefully align the new
applique over the old one and then (somehow) remove the rest of the protective
strips. I don't know how this part can be done as the strips to not extend to the edge.
From what I remember the shifter applique is about $45 and IMO should include
installation by the dealer.
If you misalign the new applique it's difficult to reposition as the tape is very sticky.
Hope this helps.
PS. I think the white is gaudy I also obtained a steering wheel applique off of eBay
to cover the white tounge on the lower steering wheel. I applied that one myself (carefully).
Basically the same install process.


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