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GALLERY SERIES! In really nice shape too. But WAYYYYY overpriced.
Galleries are pretty rare around here. Cars this old and this clean are pretty rare around here. The ones that are nice are expensive, unless you get lucky. People that own Toyotas, and know what they have want top dollar. The competition between dealers here for these old cars is phenomenal. Stuff that would get wholesaled a couple of years ago, is now getting retailed.

I have gotten lucky a couple times, though. Bought my Solara from a Lexus store for $4,300.00, and it is spotless. Bought it with 99k on the clock. It has 119k on it now, with no problems. I won't sell it because I will never find another one!

This is the one that I regret letting get away!

Vivir el momento
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Seeing all these clean Gen3's makes me wanna get one to use as a daily beater. :thumbup:

Wish my fund situation was better though.
181 - 200 of 705 Posts
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