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I'm new to Toyota's although mine is an old horse- 1990 4 Runner 22re bought for fuel mileage (I found out it doesn't get any either). Any way I'm more of a Chevy guy and am amazed at how under served the Toyota speed market seems to be- after being spoiled I guess. Prior to putting a nice new ported head and Comp Cam in the slug I had a chance to pick up a HI-6s (6000-6300) box and LX-91 coil. There are only general instructions on the hookup but it's pretty basic plug in connectors, ground, rev limiter input to switched +12v, and the white/red to which I disconnected the old coil and spliced brown to red and black to white- I wanted everything to be able to switch over to stock easily so I didn't cut and solder- a hold over to my old MSD days. The problem is hard starting at cold temps (0deg/-20C) and when stopped at a light for a minute and a quick stab on the gas gives slight pinging and lots of hesitation, other than that it seems to run OK at idle and highway. I'm using OEM fit NGK wires until it runs good enough to throw better cables at it and runs the same with Bosch plats or NGK I haven't checked base timing yet as I would have to borrow a gun. The red led runs on the unit. Truck ran fine without the Crane and shows enough pep on the highway for me to want to keep it. Any tricks- do I have the trigger wired right- not sure what an 'igniter' is I assume it's the mudule.
Thanks would appreciate an email [email protected], by the way put an identical system on my 1989 K1500 vortec/TPI same thing only worse- had to take it off and it was a straight plug in harness.
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