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Crank and Revs

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How much power is the factory crank good to?
How fast can you get a 5SFE to till with a good set of rods (Crowley comes to mind?) forged pistons, HP bearings, World Cams cams and a good balance job?
I was just looking at the cost of doing a decent performance build without a turbo or super.

With 11:1 compression and good internals... What would a 5SFE likely produce? Is the stock 95 ECU capable of keeping up or would I have to MegaSquirt it or something?
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if you go through the trouble to change the compression and internals you would be cheating rourself if you didnt upgrade fuel system and ignition, all parts of a N/A upgrade.

i cant remember hearing of anyone who did an N/A build on a 5s but id say at the most you could squeez 225whp oiut of it...and thats a very generous guess with a total build. it would likly be closer to a stock V6 and at that point the cost to just swap a v6 would be cheaper.
Then comes the next Q.
1, 2, or 3 VZ?
Any here turbo or s/c'd any of them?

Power, revs, cost.. etc...

I'll do some forum searching when I get home (heading to work) but if someone could get me started it'd be awesome.

Also, whats the engine weight difference between the 5SFE and a given V-6? I know the 5SFE is Iron-blocked, aluminum head, but I'm not sure about the VZ's. I thought I had read somewhere that they were iron-sleeved aluminum.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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