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Crank no start 98 Celica

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Hey folks. New here and hope to contribute in time, but for now I have questions .. I have a '98 Celica automatic transmission that I recently changed the head gasket on. Upon reassembling, I can't get it to start consistently. At times it would turn over, but now I can't even accomplish that.
I have spark at all four plugs when cranking. I believe the timing is dead-on with the cam/crank. I believe the plugs are good, and have no reason to believe they wound't be, though I didn't change them. So I guess that leaves fuel ...
What's my best way to ensure I'm getting proper fuel delivery? If it's not fuel, any other idea what it could be? I have a brand new battery in it, by the way.
Thanks for your guidance. Am hoping to get this so I can drive it up the carrier and make my way from NY to Fla. Otherwise I'll be pushing it up a car carrier!
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One other thing I want to mention ... I want to stick on the fuel delivery being the issue, but I hope it wouldn't be something computer or security related. But the battery was disconnected for several days, so hopefully that would wipe out any potential problems with that, but I don't know enough about issues that would cause a car not to start even if there was proper timing, air, ignition and spark.
Sorry. One other thing ... I have a 5sfe engine.
Use a mechanics stethoscope on the injectors when cranking. If operating correctly, you'll hear a tic.tic.tic.

May have to rent a fuel pressure tester to confirm flow.
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