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Crankshaft pulley bolt 4th gen

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hello 4 gens,
I cant take off the crankshaft pulley bolt, ive tried the method
described in the haynes manual with the screwdriver wedge method, but all I am doing is bending the screwdriver thats in
the hole.

Anybody know another way of doin this?

Theres a whining sound coming from inside the timing belt area
so I wanted to see whats causing it.

Bugs me alot, that I couldnt take off the bolt busted my tail trying.
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Have you tried using any air tools?

I work at a shop and we had a 4age block and we couldnt get it off at first. We actually had an air gun going for about 2 mins before the impact socket shattered. We then went and and found the most powerful air gun in the shop and some forged sockets and it came right out. You then pry the pulley off with a pry bar.

If you cant get it off just bring the part to a shop and see if they can do you a favor and take it off.
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