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crap broken bolt. help!

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im in the middle of changins park plugs on my 1mzfe, and i broke the bolt that holds down the spark plug boot :eek:

where can i get another one?

it's this one:
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normal hardware store should have one. if not look at auto part store and toyota. take out one of the other ones and see what type you need.
hmm..... went ot autozone, they didnt ahve one. went toa o local repair shop, they didnt have em either. ill try homedepot and if that fails then toyota dealer tomorrow. i hope i dont get raped by toyota, like 10 bucks per bolt :disappoin
sweet, problem solved!

i called up the toyota dealership in my town and they're gonna order it for me for like 70 cents and im gonna pick it up tomorrow :thumbup:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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