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Crazy clutch

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Well, here is my second topic.

At first the clutch would engage at the very top of the pedal i asked for some help and someone told me to adjust the master cylinder rod...

i did this and it worked great...

well now about a week later, Im driving down to my friends house (about 40 mins away) and with this xmas traffic it was some stop and go... well it started engaging very late and sometimes not engaging all the way.

Well then on the way home it got very intresting... i pushed the peddle and there was no resistence.. till about half way.. so it started engaging in the middle again... yay!

but then... i can feel it sinking... im like... oh shit... so i get over in the slow lane incase i have to pull off the freeway.. it was engaging at the VERY bottom...

a few minutes later it was back up to the middle... ok nice... then it went back down.. this time a little further... then back up...

well the next time it went so far down i couldnt disengage it to shift :-/ so i pulled over and waited... then it was good.. but it never came back up becuase i was about home...

any ideas what this could be?

( i had the clutch AND the cylinder replaced in september)
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it sounds like the hydraulic system (slave and master cylinder) needs to be bled again. I had the same kind of problems. i could bleed it enough to get the truck drivable and then after 4 or 5 days the clutch would just completely go away (clutchless shifts are a good thing to learn). As it turns out the company that remanufacturs botht the master and slave cylinder for advanced auto parts and autozone were making junk. neither had good seals and so they would allow air in after a few heat cycles causing the problems/.

I finally bought brand new master and slave cylinders from Wagner and haven't had problems since.
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