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Crazy Wheel Sales - Advan RG, Blitz Type 03, BBS LM, SSR Professor "PICsssssssssssss"

Parting out my dream wheels, I got them for my MR2 and IS300, if you have any fitment questions, pls PM or email me :)

If you have any doubt, have a look at my feedback on (100+++)

PAYPAL: [email protected]

Product: Authentic Advan RG in Gold with blue "Advan" stripe

17 x 8.5 +37 offset, weight = Approx. 7.6 kgs
17 x 9.5 +35 offset, weight = Approx. 8.2 kgs

Condition: The two rear 9.5 wheels is in very good condition, some small scratches here and there. The two front 8.5 wheels have some curb rushes. I will try and show it as much as I could with pictures below

PRICE: $1199 USD + Shipping

Via sea to Canada(4-6 weeks) = $125 USD

Via sea to US (4-6 weeks)= $250 USD

Via air to Can/US (5-7 days) = $400 USD

Pictures of actual:

All 4 wheels

Lots of photos here

Product: Authentic BBS LM in Gold with red caps

Details: All 4 wheels are mint, no curb rushes, no deep scratches, no abnormal wear. Only one flaw, previous owner repainted part of the lip and the color does not match 100% (slightly more yellow, shown in picture).

17 x 8 +35 offset
17 x 9 +35 offset

Perfectly flush with stock body.....slight roll at the back with 255 tires

PRICE: $1650 USD + Shipping

Via sea to Canada (4-6 weeks) = $150 USD
Via sea to US(4-6 weeks) = $300 USD
Via flight to Can/US (5-7 days) = $500 USD

Picture of actual:

Lots of photos here: LM Gold/

Product: Authentic Blitz Type 03 Wheels

Details: Rare set of wheels, discontinued a long time ago.

17 x 8 +35, approx. 10.5kgs, 3" lip

17 x 9 +38, approx. 10.9kgs, 4" lip

Condition: NOT mint, some scratches here and there, one of the 9" wheels has a long curb rush. Rest of the wheels are in okay/good condition. A good cleaning/polish will bring it back to life and satisfy those who are not TOO picky.

Price: $899 USD FIRM FIRM FIRM + Shipping

via sea (4-6 weeks) to Canada = $150 USD
via sea (4-6 weeks) to US = $300 USD
via sea (5-7 days) to US = $500 USD

Paypal: [email protected]


All 4 wheels

Lots of photos here: Type 03/

Product: Authentic SSR Professor SP1

Details: Freshly refinished (fully polished lip, and refinish spokes in shiny black) and repaired (one of the 9" wheel has a lip repaired, pictured). All 4 wheels are perfectly round and stright. The 4 center caps are slightly used, one of the cap has some sort of glue or paint over it, it will scratch off with finger nails

Front = 18 x 8 +41 offset Approx. 10.1 kgs
Rear = 18 x 9 +49 offset Approx. 10.5 kgs


via sea (4-6 weeks) to Canada = $150 USD
via sea (4-6 weeks) to US = $300 USD
via air (5-7 days) to US = $500 USD

Pictures of the actual wheels:

All 4 wheels

Lots of pictures here: Professor SP1/
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