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What should I do?


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  • Let it slide?

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  • Confront him.

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Crimes Against Toyota Nation

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Someone egged my truck.:cursin: I know EXACTLY who it was. I saw him do it. I didnt take pics because i didnt want the egg to bake to the paint. My question to you all, do i prank him back, AND RAIN DOWN THE WRATH OF ALL TN UPON HIM? or just take it and roll, or confront him, your choice.
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That's not right! Aforementioned perpetrator needs to pay, but I wouldn't egg him back. You never mess with a guys rig. Make him do a "Cool Hand Luke" and be forced to eat 50 hard boiled eggs. No water or salt.
He drives a crappy civic...the tiny one, not the new one. Maybe ill just get a lift and some mud boggers...
Did you check to make sure the shells didn't chip your paint all up ??

Marc M
Steal all his tire stem valves...
Paint is fine...thankfully.
if you saw him do it, why didn't you do something then? BTW, buy a valve stem tool and back out one of the stems on one of his tires just enough to let the air out. He'll see a flat tire, go to pump it back up, and wondering why it's not holding air. He'll be able to see the stem, but won't think about it being loose. Just ask a certain a$$hole driving around fairfax in a yellow hummer.
I just finished watching "Grumpy Old Men". I say a strategically placed dead fish under the seat and call it done.

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Ive done the valve stem prank numerous times and it seems kind of elementary. The only reason i didnt do anything was becase the time i got outside he had pulled away. So, the conversation moves on, anybody have any ideas for revenge? I was thinking of doing the syrup/self rising flour prank hehe.
If he has a sunroof, lay in wait until summer until he leaves it open and fill his car with packing peanuts...

Marc M
If it were my truck I would kick his A$$!

My 2 Cents, Carry on. :naughty:
awesome pranks i saw in high school.

buy catfish bait from wal mart and rub it all over the car and on the ac intake thing

foam seal the doors

throw uncooked biscuits from a can on the truck, they peel paint

shit on the hood

dead goat on the hood

crawfish heads all over the car

removing the valve from the tire,

using a floor jack to move/hide the car in the neighbors driveway (i thought it was hilarious)

hide his license plate

disclaimer: dont do any of these, the people that did these pranks regret them. most of them were solved court. lol
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Why even belittle yourself by touching a Car With No Torque? He suffers with it daily. Just give him a smug look 2-3 times a week, and he will understand. :D
Get some bologna, cut the pieces to spell "JACKASS" and place them on his hood overnight....
Not looking to do any real damage to the paint. I dont wanna catch a case.
eh, that was my wife's idea. lol It's a POS Honda anyway. Probably looks bad enough already.

Get a potato canon and egg HIM. :rofl2:
Or keep an eye out for him with a paintball gun....
if he has a hot g/f or wife u can do these:boink::spanking:to her:clap::smokin:
if he has a hot g/f or wife u can do these:boink::spanking:to her:clap::smokin:
or this :bukkake:.

I'm glad shit like this didn't happen to me while I was in the Army...the only problem I would have had is where to dump the body ;)
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