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Was told my filters were dirty at the dealer. I can replace them myself because they were gonna be expensive to replace. I took my cabin air filter out and found acorn shells and this debris. Looks like a mouse or chipmunk was building a nest. My question is:is the fluffy stuff from somewhere else in the car
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Possibly and possibly not looks like it could be from like the hood insulation, but they also forage and scavenge so they could have brought it from another location to make a nest like birds?

Note: I literally have no schooling or educational experience in wildlife / mammals/rodents etc.

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Its most likely sound deadening from somewhere in the car. You can tell from the sort of random colors and strings in the material.

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Yep, mice, you caught it just in time. Allow me to share my rodent experiences, making me somewhat of an expert.

We have had mice (live and dead) practically everywhere, inside walls, inside a grill and in our cars - one on top of the battery and another on top of the engine block. Car problems started some years ago when a nest was built close to the blower fan. And when that fan was turned on, the mice pieces went throughout the HVAC and duct-work. Hundreds of dollars later at a dealer, the car never lost the smell of dead mice (even after spraying Clorox everywhere we could reach). We were lucky to sell it. Their mission continued with our next car.

Here are some points to keep in mind, YMMV:
1) our mice usually left the car to gather materials, deck pillows were a constant source; but in lieu of that, yes, they will tear up anything in the car
2) they love a warm spot like atop the engine or in the heating system
3) mouse-proofing a car is a fool's errand, there are probably hundreds of tiny slits and crevices they can find to enter your car; and odds are good whatever material you use to seal an opening will be easy-peasy for a mouse to chew through
4) mouse traps work great, but our mice learned over time to NOT go for cheese or peanut butter bait (I wish I had taken a picture of a nest in progress right next to a peanut butter baited trap)
5) they also learned to NOT be deterred by any fragrance including peppermint or spearmint
6) rodents teeth never stop growing, that's why they are always chewing on something - they've gnawed into the hard plastic around my spare tire well

I was at my wit's end, but then I luckily Googled it and came upon a pro exterminator who pointed me in the right direction. He said to place perfect nest materials in a standard trap, things like thread or dental floss. I went one step further and used cotton balls and/or tissue which they couldn't resist and wound up dead.

You just have to always keep a set trap(s) with those nesting materials until they're all toast. The last mouse that entered my car was almost 2 years ago, so they got the message and leave my car alone. I still have one trap in my car just in case. It really isn't a bother because the alternative is horrendous.

Regards and good luck

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What I did first was remove the wiper arms then remove the cowl that covers the wiper motor. There is an opening where fresh air is brought in, cover it with a fine chew proof screen, window screen isnt strong enough and the squares on the screen are about 1/4". I think what I used was Stucco screen. I just cut a piece and molded to fit snug and used Ultra Black Silicone to hold it.

Then find the engine air intake which feeds the filter box, do the same cover the end with screen.

Then on the rear interior I removed most of the interior trim and found where the air exits the vehicle, do the same cover these openings with screen.

I also put Moth Balls under the engine cover and under the sound insulation under the hood.

And as others have said keep the parking area clean , no pet food or chewable stuff.

Hope this helps, its a bit of a job and may take a bit of time but so far it has been working.
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