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cross drilled rotors?

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i know there has been discussion on TN about cross drilled or slotted rotors vs each other and even vs. stock rotors but i want some other opinions i did a search on it but found mostly old stuff which was helpful but i want new opinions from peoples experience...i have a 94 LE I-4 so if anyone with my kind of car or info on my car please help out.....does brembo make cross drilled for my car? if so would they really be better than my stock brakes and would i need to get bigger calipers......
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Hey, I got the exact same car. I installed Brembo's cross drilled/slotted for front and rears. They are worth it, stops better than ever, I also installed some axiss organic brake pads also very reliable. Get them they are worth it. If you need a place to get them, I know of a place. PM me.

P.S. I have all disc brakes.

Good Luck,
I just replaced my front pads (rear pads 5k miles ago), and was thinking about getting some slotted rotors, but decided to save that for the WRX or whatever. The ceramic pads do a damn good job.
have you guys heard anything bad about the brembo cross drilled/slotted rotors? things such as cracking due to heat? or anything about them breaking or whatever (NOTICE: i said brEAking not brAking)
brembo's is one of the top brakes. very widey known but for that you expect to play a lot more because " you get what you pay for "

hey cow, i wanted to know if you had any trouble or any modifying to get those rotors on your camry?
Straight slap-ons. Have to remove calipers to get them on.

Saw them for $185 + $40 S&H on ebay. Thats for front and rear.
Meh, get slotted or plain rotors. Brembo and PowerSlot are good brands that have applications for our cars.

No holes is the way to go. I dont think even Brembo warantees its c/d rotors against cracking.

- Paul
ok so as if it weren't obvious the rotors don't cause all the brake dust it's the pads....what pads have the least amount of dust and where do i find em? keep in mind that i have WHITE RIMS so keeping them clean is a top priority unless i wanna paint them black and even still they get dirty FAST.....
good questions still stands about the brake dust thing.....i heard ceramic pads are best....lemme know
oh shit i just so totally don't know where you wrote that i musta overlooked it....i am a dumbass
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