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Crossroad Friday Night Cruise-In's!

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The Crossroad has established a great new cruise-in location in Northern VA with plenty of parking. Every Friday night at the Springfield Silver Diner from 6pm-1am they ask that you come with your clean ride. Lets put on a great show starting this Friday! Silver Diner is 10 yards away so there is food, also coupons for dessert will be handed out thru-ought the night, and they have arranged for a cruiser to be on-site, in exchange, eyes will be turned away as long as people behave. What they want to prove wrong as the typical perception of police officers vs. auto enthusiasts. Do you know WHY they run your plates, run you out of lots? Simple, because most of these mini meets do NOT have permission from the property owner to be there. Whats different here? They do. Thats just how The Crossroad does it. You want a REAL weekly SHOW? Clean your ride and join The Crossroad . See you there !!! For more info please visit the organizers thread at: THIS LINK
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