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ericksonm said:
but.. there is also greater chance of hydrolock with a CAI vs a SRI
Not if you purchase an AEM By-Pass Valve.

You may want to check out my ad on eBay, I'm selling my custom made - cold air intake, here is a link to the auction:

But as bassthrive stated, your really not going to have serious problems when driving, unless you use your Camry for your backing your boat into the lake. (And happen to submerge your front end!!!)

The location of my filter is behind the small right vent opening, cool air is constantly striking the air filter. Rocks RARELY enter into this area, and even if they were to they could, they could not hit hard enough to puncture the 'metal mesh' used on my, and most common, aftermarket conical-filters.

If you decide you don't want to spend hours, and hours, and HOURS working on making a cold air intake, I suggest you think about getting my intake, it's truly a quality piece of art work. :)
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