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Custom cat-back exhaust question

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Hey I am thinking about putting on a custom exhaust for my 95 camry. I am thinking of putting mandrel bent 2.25" piping along with a magnaflow #14852 muffler. Ive got a question on the resonator however. Is it better to keep the stock resonator or to replace it with a new straight through res. or to take it out completely and go straight through to the muffler. Also is the cause of the pop noise you hear on alot of cars at WOT when shifting with new exhaust because of the increased pipe size and the lesser amount of air restriction?
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When i did my new exhaust i went with just a high flow cat and 2 1/4" pipping. It sounds great. No popping sounds it just rumbles. A resonator will make the sound deeper but resonators these days accomplish that by impeding flow. So its up to you.
i figure he has a 4cyl if he's considering doing the 2.25" piping.
Yeah ive got the 4cyl oh well. Its not really about hp right now its more sound. You can only go so high on the 5sfe cause of the cam shafts.
you shouldn't hear any pop noise if all you have is a new exhaust...maybe running an open cat or not cat at all will give you a little backfire, but not just new piping

edit: i'd go w/o the res too
Ive just heard that with more flow sometimes you get a pop because there is more room for the exhaust to travel in. Not sure but thats what ive read.

How loud would it be without the res. I know that the wrx on the magnaflow site sounds mean, quite nice if you ask me but its more a cop thing.
i ran open cat for awhile just to screw around and it's not that loud at all...never had a cop turn his head and i was barely louder than my friend's civic with 2.25 straight pipe from his cat on back...however, that's not to say it wasn't loud was loud enough to make speaking kinda uncomfortable and i'd have to play my music loud...but i don't like talking in my car much anyway and my music's always loud

i don't know how that exact magnaflow sounds or how picky cops are around your area...but i don't think you'd attract too much attention unless you were doing something else as well
I think magnaflow is pretty nice. Ive heard good things about it. Its more of keeping it a little quiet cause up here cops are well quite picky. Im suprised i haven't been pulled over for washer lights and my intake. Anyways how much would it be for a decent resonator or like if you kept the silencer on without a resonator how loud would it be.
if you have the silencer, it works pretty shouldn't have any trouble as long as you have that on...most people play their music louder than an exhaust with a silencer most exhausts are rather quiet as long as you're not wot at the top end of your rpm guage
true but isn't being stealthy the best way to go :D
2.75" on my v6 is as big as i should go too keep some backpreasure right? (figured i'd add to here instead of making a new post ;) ) Sorry for being such a nub
all good yeah thats dec. You could even go 2.5 if you wern't gonna get a turbo or anything. Id rather have some backpressure to keep low-end torque than none at all. Just if you go to a shop they should recommend a size too. Hey im a noob too and ive made like 5 new posts woops didn't mean to barge in. Sorry guys.
(sorry if someone already said this)

The resonator is just one more restriction. You will want to take it out all together (if you want a louder sound). However if you don't care about 3hp, you can leave it and get a much more mild sound. Which overall will sound better.
Yup, my point exactly (I should have put a "lol" in there) 3hp shouldn't really matter, so it's all about what you want for a sound. Keep in mind I4 don't traditionally have a deep sound (unless yours is bored over .9 :lol: )
Lol true but just with an intake it has a nice sound on WOT but the muffler is kinda well crappy. It starts to like make puffing noises so i just want an exhaust to complement the intake. Just confused if I should get a resonator or leave it out or keep the stock one.
But you have a muffler on there. Hack it off right before the cat and tell me how it sounds :lol:

Lyons451: Keep the stock resonator. It will keep the exhaust tone from getting too loud. However there are other options for mufflers besides canisters. The gods of exhaust, for example, FlowMaster :)
bastardize your car and get a Vettes muffler,
would you guys recommend keeping the stock resonator when going with a magnaflow such as 14816? I dont want it to be too loud on my 95 LE V6.

Hahaha flowmaster of buy why not just throw money out the window. Sorry don't have much respect for them. Im just looking for a little boost in power with a really nice sound that isn't so loud people can here you from like a mile away.
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