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ryuji16 said:
tips do nothing to affect the sound, theyre basically for your visual preference.
actually tips do affect the way car sounds. my first car was a 85 escort wagon my muffler fell off so i ripped out the entire exhaust system and built headers and a straight exhaust with nothing to restict it. needless to say the car was loud. so i took the tip i had in my back yard (specs: 4inch tip hollow 4-6inches long) and it changed the tone of the car after a few minutes of driving. the car had a deep low tone and when i revved it it didn't pop or anything it still had a deep roar. i did the same set up to my 84 ranger and got the same results as well as on my 85 accord. so don't say they make no difference. i've been messing with exhaust tips for a while now to find one that make the sound i like on my wagon. my set up is 2x cherry bomb turbo II mufflers and no resonator so i got a good deep soud already just need the added benifit of the tips. oh yeah it's a 1mzfe btw;)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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