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Custom front and rear bumpers. help please =)

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Hey guys, Im thinking of making my own front and or rear bumpers, my yota has a 4cly (1989 yota pu ext cab. 4x4. 4cly) so i dont wanna go ne thing to heavy, possibly tube or a not to tank like plate steel bumper. if anyone has any pics/ideas? needs shackles or places where i can put them. and umm i dont have a body lift if that matters. doesnt have to have a 2" reciever hitch but thatd be cool if you could throw that in there. and if you dont want me copying yours pics for ideas would still be nice thanks alot.

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i made my own rear bumper and will be doing my front as soon as my tube bender comes in. i have like 30 pictures of the making of the rear bumper on my cardomain. i believe the link to my page is in my information page.

Edit :
That rear came out pretty good. I was thinking of doing something similar with mine since I can't seem to find a decent used rear bumper. I was thinking of using exhaust tubing since I can get it from a guy right down the street. In your pics, it looks like you used galvi. Is that the case or does it just look that way?

What did you order for a bender? I was toying with buying one from HF for exhaust work and wasn't sure how well it would work.

Lastly, what do you plan on doing with your current front bumper? I'm not putting a lift in mine so I would be interested in that and the valance if you're not going to use them. I'm in MA so it wouldn't take TOO long to get to RI. A couple of hours tops.
yes i used galv. but i recommend just using tube stock. cheaper and just as good . just paint her good and your fine. i just bought a cheap bender off ebay. its a 10 ton (plenty for what i want to do) and comes with dies. it is a T-model with a tripod leg set up and just a hydrolic pump. my valence is currently slightly bent at the passenger corner from rub but you can easily take it out. im not sure if ill be taking off the chrome bumper yet, i might just work around it to use the turn signal spots. i will keep you posted though.

Sounds good to me. My valance and bumper are both pretty beat up.

Thanks for the info.

i'd recommend that you DO NOT use galvanized steel. when you go and weld it, the zinc coating puts off noxious gases that will make you sick if you breathe them in. it is also cheaper to buy regular tube stock from a metal supply than it is to buy galvanized since it has been processed less. if it were my truck, i'd just buy a piece of 4-6" channel (depending on how tall you want it), maybe 1/4" thick, and use that as a single piece across the back. get some steel plate for custom brackets and you're good. this way you will have way less welding to do and have a decent product in the end.
yeah i don't recommend the galvinized. i just had it laying around and decided to save myself a few bucks . i would also just go with 1/4 inch tube stock. but make it more than a single bar bumper :smokin:

just my opinion

-drew They have awsume armor for our toyota's

I run their rear bumper ( customized)
And their sliders

rear bumper comes with two D rings for shackles and a built in 2" reciever.

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