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Custom Gauges

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Hey there, I'm not sure if this should be in the Truck forum or not, but I figure more people will see it here. I finally got some money to put into my truck and I'm looking at options after I do my exhaust and intake. I am interrested in getting some custom gauges for my 04 taco and I have no idea where to go. I'm not sure where to put them yet, but I wanted to get ideas/prices. I'm thinking about getting an oil pressure, battery volt and tranmission temp. gauges. Anyone know of any place in Southern California to get some info on this? Thanks for the help.
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Have vendors all over the place... sure there are a few in the OC area... probably a couple in Anacrime alone ;)
Hey thanks a lot... I've never heard anyone call it "anacrime" except for my best friend.... which was after he got arrested. :lol:
Yea... our last meet was out there. This crazy bum asked us for change... and than harassed my girlfriend about her shirt. Great bf i am... just stood their and laughed :lol:
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