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Custom head light project

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so i'm looking at the local muscle car types from the years of the gen 2's. and i see the falcon has the GT and the XR6/8's in the XF to ED. the head lights struck me as interesting. so interesting that i'd like to attempt a version for the camster. for those of you mericans, and canucks out there who've never (and rightly so, us Aussies hold our national pride close to us) heard of the GT XR6/8 falcons of this era here is a picture...............

and here are the head lights from the previous model.............

question is...... do you reckon it'd be worth it? i reckon 3" headlight unit's from a motor bike would do the for the reflectors, and the same globes would be able to be used. it'll cost close to 300 for each headlight unit i reckon, initial cost. fibreglass for the front lens covers. any ideas would be a great help!
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anyone good with photoshop that could do a pic of what the end result would be?
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