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custom leather interior

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one of my seats is riped up and i took to a upholstrey shop and said all the leather was custom i was wondering if you could shed some light on the topic.
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the seat looks like factory leather to me:confused:
that is the oem leather...

try them for new seat covers
is ur car a coup cuz the door seems a bit long. but does look oem but it's little darker
its a 2dr and whould thos seat covers be a good opiton or have the shop do it
if you can DIY. A shop will charge you over 1k to do it. I know the camry seats are less than 1k for the 2 front and the back one.

If you cant DIY then see what the shop will charge you.
so they will charge 1k to just put the seat covers on becasue i like that link that you gave me i just emailed him and waiting to get a price
Hes saying a shop will charge you 1k to redo your existing leather, not to get the seat covers.

It may almost be cheaper to find used seats that arent torn from a junkyard or on ebay. You could also find someone who installed aftermarket seats and is looking to sell their oem ones.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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