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I prefer all doors open with one press of the Wireless Door Lock Control (aka the button on the key fob)

My XLE has the SmartKey and page 39 of the Owners Manual has instructions on how to change the settings to open all doors at once.


Did the procedure and volia when I open the doors using the door handle all doors unlock..


Pressing the Unlock button still opens the drivers door and you have to press it again to open all doors.

Seems that the Wireless Door Lock Control System is seperate from the Smart Key system and the procedure in the manual only changes the SmartKey settings.

Per the shop manual there are Custom settings that can only be changed via the "Toyota Intelligent Tester".

I have asked my dealer to see if the button on the fob can be changed via the "Toyota Intelligent Tester" procedure like it was on my RAV4.

Will see if it works next Friday.

And yes I understand that this is a safety issue regarding bad guys in the night highjacking your car by getting in the passenger seat if all doors open at the same time but in reality they will come up behind you as you get in the car so you are S*C*R*E*W*E*D if before you get in you are not aware of your surroundings at night.

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Assuming the keyless entry is the same with/without the SmartKey, it can definitely be changed to unlock all with one press of the button.

I personally could care less. I am not bothered about pushing the button twice if I want them all open.
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