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Custom subwoofer box - Access cab

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Does anyone with an access cab own a custom fit box like this one? It looks pretty inconspicuous to the untrained eye. I've called a few car stereo places around town and they all quote a custom built box is between $200-$400 :ugh3:
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It's a clean design. Wouldn't be hard to recreate in your own garage, but for $90 that's not bad. Shipping on the other hand might be a killer. Kinda sucks you have to pay extra for the color that matches your interior unless your interior is charcoal. I'd rather apolster it myself with a similar material that matches the rear seats or even similar vinyl would be ultra clean.

Just thinking, but it doesn't look like you can easily open the underseat compartments with the sub installed. Maybe wrong but might be worth an email.

Otherwise, I've seen far worse designs. Good find pooperscoper.
yes. the enclosure would be in the way of opening the underseat compartments, but I'm guessing it wouldn't be too much of a chore to simply move it out of the way when you need access to it. I think a JL 8' sub would do nicely in this arrangement
Hey Scooper- Yep, I ordered and have had that sub box for 6 months. I have a 10" Kicker in the box and run it with a 600 watt Alpine amp. The construction is excellent, and you really can't notice the thing in the truck. I put some poly in the box to smooth out the sound. Highly recommended!
Sorry.....cocktail hour has started.........It is a simple task to move it out of the way to get into the back compartment. Think about it......what do you need back there anyway?
think a 10' solo-baric would fit in that thing if one replace the bottome piece....dimensions???
I hope you don't expect me to stagger out to the garage and measure that thing! I will post the dimensions tomorrow. Cheers!
Kicker Comp VR. !00.00 from Crutchfield minus the shipping. Close enough to the seat so that it feels like someone is whacking you in the back with a baseball bat when you get it cooking!
yikes $100 for an 8" I paid about $50 for my 10" L5. I'd like to get rid of the obtusive, "hey see my woofer" box though. I guess the cheapest way out is to leave well enough alone.
AKTaco, did you make that one yourself? I really like the OP's find, but I use the storage in the back too often, plus I just flip the seats over most of the time to put stuff back there. Hmmm...there must be a way around this!
no I didnt make it I found it on some site based in florida, I have beeen looking for a box to fit a 10 inch sub that fits the access cab for the longest time so i had to get. I am very pleased with it but it does get in the way of the seat belts and the storage compartment so now I just throw all my junk back there as long as it sounds good.
Built this one in the garage, and works awesome. Front seats still recline all the way back and rear seta still open to access storage compartments. Has a 10" Fosgate with almost .80 air space. I highly recomend securely mounting the sub box down , as the bass quality will be noticably greater.
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Mine is the best solution if you want to use the back of your access cab to put STUFF in. Also mine doen't effect the passenger sides rear seat at all. Nobody would ever know it was there either until I rock that shit.

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That looks good. Is the woofer pointed down or??
Here is my old set.

And my new set up. Same basic box just a little more space.

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that's a pretty nice setup, but it doesn't look too conspicuous. Did you have any problems with theivery?
Nope , no problems here.:clap:
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