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custom Tercel truck?

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I have seen it. Not sure if it is converted to a truck. Odd :whatthe:
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That looks like a conversion.
Toyota used to have a 1000cc pickup truck about that size that they sold in several other countries back in the '70s. Some guys in Jamaica had one with a Celica engine in that they would race and autocross. I'll try and find photos of it and post them.
I know this post is from 07, but I found it while searching around on google... Figured I'd post in here (for other tercel enthusiasts).

I'm a Fiero guy now, since I learned how expensive it'd be to tune my 4efte and get very little out of it.

But man, I think this truck would make the 4efte that much more fun.
Take a look at it:

Again yeah this link was accessed through google, and I didn't want to start more trashed up links.
Hope someone can enjoy seeing this.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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